D700 prices are through the roof!!!

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Re: D700 prices are through the roof!!!

D800 is optimized for resolution, not speed. D800 is twice the price, yet slower than a D700. Action shooters and many others simply don't want or need that many pixels/large files.


The d800 is not slower than a d700, it just has more data to transfer. The throughput is the same, if not faster. It's only slower because it has alot more data to process/save.

And for those who don't need 36MP, you can shoot in dx format and you'll always have the 36MP option. You can even shoot at a lower resolution in FF. You don't have to always use the highest resolution mode (36MP).


When shooting action, sports or really any kind of sequence, 6 FPS vs. 8 FPS is still quite a bit slower. Regardless of data rates, the D700 will OPERATE faster than the D800. The D700 was very fast, able to knock off 8 FPS with the grip at full resolution.

While the D800 can manage 6 FPS, it does this in DX mode, which also effects DOF and requires an adjustment in composition.

And that's a very good reason for some users to still want a D700.

As good as my D800 is, the D700 is missed at times.


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