Canon 7D or 70D for birds in flight

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Re: Canon 7D or 70D for birds in flight

I have been using the 7D since it came out and the 70D for about a month or so now.  Most of what I shoot is birds and I do a lot of in flight photography.  What I have seen so far at least with my 500mm f/4L IS USM, 400mm f/5.6L USM and the 70-300mm L IS is that the AF performance seems to be better with the 70D than the 7D.  I can’t say for sure if that is the case with all 7D bodies, mine has a whole lot of clicks on it at this point but I must say I have been pleasantly surprised by the 70D.  I don’t really feel that the frame rate difference is all that noticeable either.  The only real advantage I am seeing to the 7D at this point is the control layout.  I do like the control layout on the 7D better than the 70D, particularly in terms of AF point selection.  I have to say I was also very surprised by how much I like the touch screen on the 70D.  Now when I go back and use my 7D I REALLY miss it.  I have to say I like the 70D way more than I ever expected to and I haven’t even taken a single video with it yet.


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