Fuji X vs M43 weight and size comparison

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Re: Fuji X vs M43 weight and size comparison

Red5TX wrote:

APS-C becomes a size disadvantage as you get into longer-range zooms. The Fuji 55-200 is gigantic compared to the Olympus 40-150, which covers the same range. Of course, it's also a better lens.

I agree that the size difference is not substantial enough to matter for standard zooms and most primes.

Agreed, which is why I personally question the logic of buying a small system and then wanting long focal length, large aperture lenses for it. Once you get past 100-135mm you should be looking at an SLR.

But I'm not a birder/hiker/wildlife photographer and my general need for long teles is pretty non-existent so I probably don't understand.

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