Terada: Olympus could go Full Frame !

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Re: Terada: Olympus could go Full Frame !

I imagine Sony will be leading the way with mirrorless 35mm. They have the RX1, they have 35 mm slrs, it is a sensible progression for them. Olympus, on the other hand, needs to focus on m4/3, which is different enough to set them apart from the competition, rather than competing in the same space head on, where the big boys have the advantage.

That said- who needs it? I agree with the earlier comment about silly "FF" fetishism. Sensor technology is rapidly improving. Noise, dynamic range, resolution, etc. are already pretty good with m4/3, and will continue to get better. The only area where sensor improvements can't compensate for "FF" are in depth of field control.

I find depth of field control to be perfectly acceptable for the vast majority of situations with fast lenses. In fact, in many cases I want MORE depth of field, so I suppose it's a very nice compromise. I suppose if you don't, then you need a bigger sensor and bigger system.

What other reason would there be to still need 35mm or larger a few years from now?

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