Adobe Hacked.................

Started Oct 3, 2013 | Discussions thread
Pitbullo Contributing Member • Posts: 551
Re: Adobe Hacked.................

Maybe I was a bit harsh with my last comment, but I do stand by the intention of the comment.

We see it everywhere on the web. If something is so called secure, then hackers have a need to break it. Not always for criminal intent, perhaps just for the fun of it, for the challenge. How long does it take from a new version of IOS is out and until it has been jailbreaked? a few hours? But this is OK, because we like that big corporations dont have control over the customers.

Well, Adobe are in need of extra security too, with online transactions etc. Is their security good enough? I dont know, I´m not the one to answer that. But it seems like hacking etc. is ok, until someone looses their credit card number. Well, the hacker is still the one to blame here!! It is an incredible hypocrisy around when it comes to security. We can ask/demand Adobe to get bigger locks, but those who keep picking these locks are still the ones to blame.

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