No IBIS in roumoured E-Mount FF cameras?

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Re: who cares, it's such unimportant part

It's pretty much consumer mentality at play when they simply cannot live without IS. I've been shooting since film days, they didn't even have AF then and yet I could still make all the pictures I wanted. Didn't know if they would be fuzy until a few weeks later when I had them printed up, surprisingly almost all were sharp. Now we can't live without AF and it's trickling down to IS as well. Perhaps people should just learn to use the camera instead of going into a dark room with a 35mm f5.6 and expecting to get good shots without a proper flash.

People coming down from 5D, D700, 1D, D800 will not gripe about IS being the sole selling factor. It's a non-issue. Canon is playing into this with their new line of consumer EF lenses which now all have IS. C'mon, a 28mm f1.8 with IS, what the heck for?!?!?!?

Saddens me to see this growing majority determining what is needed for photography, but the (dumb) masses rule when it comes to sales.

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i shoot weddings for years with ff and 24-70 without IS. wonder how i did it. lol

people are just babies i think

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