Is the NEX-5T the last NEX camera?

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Re: Is the NEX-5T the last NEX camera?

Lightshow wrote:

parallaxproblem wrote:

SAR5 rumours stating that the two new full-frame bodies will be DSLR lookalikes and will be called the a7 and a7r

I had previous spectulated that the a3000 release suggested Sony might be planning to abandon the rangfinder styling at the bottom and maybe the middle of the NEX range, but I had never imagined they were going to drop it from the whole range!

If this rumour is to believed (if!) then it suggests to me the following product ranges, or something similar

aX000 - entry level APS-C mirroless, equivalent to current NEX 3 and 5

aX00 - mid-range and semi-pro APS-C mirrorless, equivalent to current NEX 7

aXX - APS-C alpha mount bodies

aX - Full Frame alpha and E mount bodies (I guess the A99 replacement will be the A9 and will be considered the 'Pro' model in Sony's range)

Again, if the rumour is true then going by the styling decisions of the a3000 and now the a7/a7r it appears that the 'NEX' rangefinder body style might be dead Sony will be going ahead with a DSLR shape for future mirrorless models. That would explain the decision to not give the FF camera the name 'NEX' - will we see any further NEX models?

The full quote:

"Sony decided to name all high end cameras as “Alpha“. No matter if these will be real A-mount cameras, E-mount DSLR shaped cameras or more compact E-mount cameras like the RX1 and NEX series. All High End models will be Alpha. That’s why the first two E-mount Full Frame cameras will be named “A7” and “A7r“. Both have exactly the same design (with NEX-7 grip, EVF in the middle and RX1 size). The difference is in the sensor. The A7 has 24MP sensor, more fps and different AF speed. The A7r has a 36MP sensor and less fps (and I have been told a bit “different” AF)."

Nothing about DSLR, nothing about the NEX RF style being dropped, and no the sky is not falling.

All e-body and A-body cameras have always been Alphas. But the new A7 and A7r will not be named Alpha 'NEX' but Alpha 'A.' Same family as the SLT's they are replacing, and the A-3000. So these are not FF cameras. The FF camera will be the NEX-9. Maybe.

Anyway this is SAR's flavor of the week, and what will the new names be next week?

I personally am dismayed by this possibility and if it is true then I think Sony will alienate many of their current customers in a rather lame attempt to chase after the sort of people who will probably buy Canon and Nikon anyway, whatever is done to tempt them to change brand

Sony have obviously been using SAR to perform some kind of viral-marketing and build-up hype around their upcoming releases. Now they really need to give some firm information about what the future is for the NEX line of mirrorless and the Alpha mount camera ranges

I doubt that SAR has any relationship with SAR at all. Sony is being tight-lipped about their plans and SAR is speculating all over the place.

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