ISOless sensors, read noise and photography - many questions!

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example of convenient 4-stop "push" acceptable to many

Einstein's Ghost: Conversely, I won't be surprised if you used ISO 800 and pushed 4-stop during RAW conversion, that you will notice banding and color issues.

Reilly Diefenbach: Two stops is fine, four or five isn't.

Reilly, in the digital era, why bother expressing an opinion without an example? For example, I find a "four stop push" from ISO 800 to 12800, Nex C3 raw files acceptable. I particularly see not the slightest hint of banding. Yes, there is greenish tint and false colors sneaking into the shadows at ISO 12800, and it seems like the noise is a touch higher, but would rather deal with that, using Lightroom 4.4 etc post-processing sliders. Instead of "unncessary" fiddling with ISO controls in the field, do "unnecessary" bracketing exposures because of worry about highlight detail, and create "unnecessary" files. "Unnecessary" relating to whether or not the upper example here is noticeably better than the lower one to the average viewer.

Above, ISO 12800 Nex C3 raw file.

Above, ISO 800, with exposure slider set to +3.91 EV in Lightroom and shadow slider set to +22. What client is going to notice the (rather correctable) green tint in shadows here, unless there was a side-by-side comparison that no regular person ever does?

My takeaway is to not bother setting ISOs above 800 on a Nex C3 for a raw workflow, with Lightroom 4.4 or other adequate raw processing software.

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