Terada: Olympus could go Full Frame !

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Sure.... when pigs can fly

I realize a lot of FF fans would love to see Olympus make a FF camera so they can can compare it to their Nikon or Canon FF camera and then announce it just isn't as good.

And I realize that FF is the current fad, and it isn't just Olympus users who want them, but Pentax and Fuji users are clammoring for one too.

And there are also a lot of Olympus OM fans who think that Olympus is so good they can make a better FF camera than anyone else can.

For Olympus to get in the ring with Canon and Nikon (and Sony too) to slug it out on their home turf would be suicidal. Canon and Nikon have had a ten year head start, and are producing outstanding FF cameras (oil spots and AF issues notwithstanding). If you really want a FF camera, then the Canon 6D seems to make a lot of sense.

Olympus needs to do what they do best and avoid direct competition with with the two 800 pound gorillas. They have carved out a nice niche in the MILC market, and seem to be very successful there.

It would actually make more sense to revive the 4/3 line than to go FF. But upon reflection, I think both are really bad ideas.

Competing in every market is something that very few companies can do well. Witness how Canon is faltering in the MILC market with their EOS-M. And how Pentax failed with the K-01.

If Olympus needs a fresh project they can get to work creating more M4/3 PRO lenses. A 300mm f/4 might be nice. A really nice 100mm Macro would be appreciated. You get the idea.

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