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Re: Fuji film modes

Lynxo wrote:

Just about everything that you need to know. (aka the famed "Kim settings")

What I got from the article

General Use
6MP medium size
Shoot in P or A
Provia and Standard settings
Use EV more
Auto ISO 1600 or 3200

Kim shoots a lot of concerts at night. Because Fujifilm is a bit eager to go to higher ISOs, I prefer to set ISO art Auto400 and, if the shutter speeds are then too long, switch to EXR Auto temporarily.

Maybe I overlooked, with the XF1 in 6MP
Does it always take advantage of the EXR
Sensor or needs to be in EXR Mode? That then
Negates setting to P mode.

M size, ISO <3200, DR >100, there will be hardwre EXR processing in P and A and S modes.

If shooting 6MP, no viewing at 100% or cropping then

Are you viewing on a monitor greater than 2800 pixels wide and greater than 2100 pixels high? If you are viewing on, say, a 1600x1200 monitor or a HD television screen, then I invite you to view a 6MP image at 100%:

View this at 100% and look at where the forehead is silhouetted against the background foliage.

This scene has about a 14 EV range, and the XF1 captured better than 11 EV of that range. Please feel free to view at 100%. (Amorphous shape in upper right is a spider web, not a lens artifact.)

Also read some where, if both sdhc are class10,
Someone mentioned lowet capacity will generally be
Faster, ex. 8G faster than 16G. I dont know
If holds any value, during format the 8G is faster

Different capacities of the same brand card can have different write speeds. Not all Class 10 cards are equal. UHS-I cards are faster than Class 10 cards that are not UHS-I; stick to UHS-I. I tend to replace cards when they are filled up, rather than erase and reuse; it is cheap back-up. Remember: if you are going to share with friends by scrolling through image files in the viewing mode of your camera, you will have a LOT of scrolling to do if you have a very large capacity card in the camera. Therefore, I generally stick to 8GB cards; YMMV.

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