Coolpix P7800 loses a dial...

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Nukunukoo wrote:

tron555 wrote:

Nukunukoo wrote:

Missed focus point and too narrow DOF? I find them quite amazing that you were able to get those aperture compositions quite well. Don't worry about him, he really has no idea what he is talking about. He's been doing that everywhere and boasts how his flat, resized, full saturated images are the best, bar none. He even thinks that RAW is kinda like JPEG, only named differently!

Do you own either the P7700 or P7800, or do you just chime in to give you 2 cents? If yes, how does it stack up to your Fujifilm X20 regarding IQ? If no, was your comments just an attack on me?

I would compare my images to yours, but for some reason, you don't have a gallery. Some of my images were converted RAW to JPEG and I use RAW only when necessary.

PS, I would rather have "flat images" as opposed to miss focused shots or only have 5% of an image in focus, especially in portraits

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No. You don't use RAW. I do. And I have more than 60 images posted on the Fuji and Nikon sites. I own a street X20, a Nikon D600, D300S and a D7100. IQ is nothing if your compositions are bad. I do not compare cameras, one can do a great shot with an old camera phone as well as a DSLR without anyone knowing the difference.

You are like a person saying "I just bought a Mac, I can now do better graphics than you!"

I demonstrated many times around these forums how RAW can be used to your advantage, especially since I do post-processing for clients for a living. You specifically trolled that you NEVER and HATED RAW and you even posted MANY times how insignificant RAW processing is because "life is too short"

A gallery does not a comparison make. You KNOW where to look. Or is life "just too short"?

"PS, I would rather have "flat images" as opposed to miss focused shots or only have 5% of an image in focus, especially in portraits ;-)"

I have seen your skill based on your pictures. Unlike you, I will not throw insults (your usual MO), I will say this: Life is too short for a narrow vista, expand it. There is a bigger world beyond that bubble.

So why do you own all those cameras if one can "do a great shot with an old camera phone"?

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