New FinePix REAL 3D W3 Tests Shots - Bangkok Street Market

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New FinePix REAL 3D W3 Tests Shots - Bangkok Street Market

I have played around with 3D on and off for many years but never seriously. Finally I bought a slide and a Stroboframe 300-115 Vertaflip PHD Camera Platform so I could do 3D with my Canon 7D.  The quality of the 3D images is superb, but when shooting portraits or glamor a majority of the images are rejects because the subject moved.  Even a small movement is enough to ruin the sharpness.

Even though the resolution is lower at 10 Mp vs 18Mp and it doesn't shoot RAW I decided to get a Fuji FinePix REAL 3D W3 camera. I couldn't find one here in BKK but a friend picked me up one for about $165 on his way to Thailand via Japan.  Below are the first real images I have taken with the camera.  I chose my local street market.  All these images are full sized anaglyphs created with StereoPhotoMaker.

Disclaimer, these are just snapshots. There is nothing special except the location.  I have tried to tie the shots together with a story line to make them a bit more interesting.

Street markets are traditional and still very important in Thailand where only a relatively small number of people have cars.  More have motorcycles but many city residents have neither so having a street market close to where you live is important.  Some of the dealers are even mobile, using a pickup truck or a motorcycle with a side cart to sell fresh meat, vegetables, prepared food, clothing, or household goods.

This street market is only 3 blocks from my apartment and is open from about 4pm till about 7pm or 8pm three days a week.

You can buy your underware.

or your clothing in a street market.

If your clothing doesn't fit there is likely a seamstress near by, many working right on the street or sidewalk, to adjust or mend your clothing.

Of course there are more than one jewelery stalls available to add a bit of bling to your new outfit.

After you buy your clothing it is time to buy dinner.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are available year round and many are rarely more than a few hours old when you buy them.  The green chilies are great in an omelet, the red ones too hot for me to eat but they are nice for flavoring foods.

Various types of egg plant and other vegetables.

Some assorted pork pieces rounds out your dinner.  Rice you cook yourself.

A treat for your child

and you finish off your shopping with flowers for Buddha.

And catch a motorcycle taxi for your trip home if it is more than walking distance.

My next test was to see if I could use the camera with studio strobes.  The built in flash would be too strong and interfere with the subject lighting so I needed a way to bounce the flash up to the ceiling instead of it going straight ahead.  A piece of aluminum foil and some painter's masking tape took care of that.

This shot of my ever available model, Patience, shows just how well the camera will work with studio strobes.  I'll make a better flash bounce device over then next few days, if I can find some thin aluminum or stainless steel sheeting, and post the imfo on it and some images of the device.

My ever available model, Patience.  Shot with a single studio strobe with a 7" parabolic reflector, which  should never be done with a beautiful model.

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