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Re: Ricoh Caplio GX100 Users

eilivk wrote:

Not exactly user, more like a back-up camera. Find it useful for details in city streets and the noise is fine. Not fond of the lens cap and the EVF not what I had hoped for. Would like to know of the best jpeg settings.

Personally I prefer to always turn NR off and sharpness to the lowest setting- to process the least in camera and keep as much detail as possible. Then sharpen after. Contrast etc to taste.

Just now a GRD and a GXR with some modules came to a friend, maybe swap it for one of those. Never tried GXR, but several GRDs...

I find the GXR brillant, but too big and bulky. When I go small, I want small enough to fit in a pocket and still give me all the control I crave- GR and GX cameras do that. Even my G15 is bigger than I'd like for a pocket camera. Ricoh nailed the size just right in the GR/GX cameras- large enough to have controls, small enough and light enough to keep in pocket.

Ricoh ought to make a 3rd generation GX, and let go of the GXR concept.

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