Coolpix P7800 loses a dial...

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Re: SortOnSense, is now on my ignore list.

Nukunukoo wrote:

tron555 wrote:

Nukunukoo wrote:

Missed focus point and too narrow DOF? I find them quite amazing that you were able to get those aperture compositions quite well. Don't worry about him, he really has no idea what he is talking about. He's been doing that everywhere and boasts how his flat, resized, full saturated images are the best, bar none. He even thinks that RAW is kinda like JPEG, only named differently!

Do you own either the P7700 or P7800, or do you just chime in to give you 2 cents? If yes, how does it stack up to your Fujifilm X20 regarding IQ? If no, was your comments just an attack on me?

I would compare my images to yours, but for some reason, you don't have a gallery. Some of my images were converted RAW to JPEG and I use RAW only when necessary.

PS, I would rather have "flat images" as opposed to miss focused shots or only have 5% of an image in focus, especially in portraits

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And here's one horribly bad picture base on your standards: (1) So many blurred parts! (2) It's all so brownish, where are the vibrant, strong, contrasty rainbow colors? (3) the subject is hideously out of place!

And no, I don't do galleries. That does not prove anything. And can you guess what camera I used?

You did this kind of critique before. In fact, with even worse adjectives... remember the stormy landscape shot with the X20 (photo below)? I tested it wondering how useable ISO 2000 would look? that thread is now closed due to, um, "overtrolling". You called it the most horrible, muddiest, lifeless photo ever. That gave me an general idea of how you view photographs. In fact, you even missed the context that it was taken under extreme settings (for a small sensor) to test the new acquisition at the time. I also did several reviews and tests later showing the "green artefacting" phenomenon on the X20. I may not do galleries, but I believe I have contributed many objective and subjective materials that are actually useful (I hope) to some.

I guess guys like you like to boast on equipment much. And me? I enjoy sharing the results.

I think you're wasting time with this fellow. Just a gear-head troll who's insecure about his G12. Note that he rarely answers and certainly doesn't make much sense. He's probably out delivering newspapers as I type.



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