Is the NEX-5T the last NEX camera?

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Re: Is the NEX-5T the last NEX camera?

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In order for Sony-NEX to fix the fiddly menu/control problem all they would need to do is provide a Super Control Panel just like Olympus.' The SCP is available by one touch on the control dial and about ten common items such as ISO can be changed from there, directly. In fact, NEX already HAS what looks like a SCP...the black and white information table

On the NEX-6 you can activate this screen to become the 'Quick Navi' screen which then allows you to change the values in the way you describe. See the 'Quick Navi' section on the following page of the DPReview for more details:

For some reason the NEX-5R (and NEX-5T from what I read in the manual) do not allow you to do this, even when the EVF is fitted! I have already complained about this in a couple of previous posts but sadly nobody picked-up on it

Correct. It's as if the development team at Sony did not finish their job of programming the menu of the 5R. Turning the Navi wheel of my 5R just does the same things as the other wheel. (Except for changing the shutter speed and apeerture simultaneously. )

Touching any of the items on the Quick-Navi screen on the 5R results in a message that "Touch operation cannot be used in this screen." Does anybody care? This could be fixed easily with a firmware update. Are you listening, Sony? And why didn't they fix this oversight in the 5T?

I think it's a deliberate policy by Sony, like that annoying pre-flash which can't be disabled and makes any kind of remote flash activites with nex unecessarily painful

The official NEX-6 announcement says "Also inherited from high-end A-mount cameras, a “Function” key and pro-focused Quick Navi interface allows fingertip adjustment of settings without taking the viewfinder away from the shooter’s eye." so I suspect it's a rather crude way of differentiating NEX-5R/T from NEX-6:

The EVF is a great accessory, but Sony haven't taken much effort to integrate it into the NEX-5R.  My big beef is with the flexible spot - this is not necessary with the LCD as you can touch the area you want to focus on and the camera responds.  Obviously this is not possible when using the EVF so I must either have one 'slot' on my custom menu permanently devoted to focus area just so I can instigate the flexible spot dialog when the EVF is attached, or permanently devote my 'B' custom button to flexible spot (less desirable because I like the way the spot returns to centre between shots when flexible spot is not set).  Why didn't they give NEX-5R/T owners the choice of having different custom menues when the EVF is fitted, or the option of automatically going into flexible spot focus when the EVF is fitted?


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