Making the jump to DSLR... advice?

Started Oct 3, 2013 | Questions thread
seilerbird666 Senior Member • Posts: 1,101
don't do it

My advice is to stay with the bridge camera. Getting a more expensive camera will not make you a better photographer. Learn to use the camera you now have. DSLRs are a royal pain compared to bridge cameras. Changing lenses is not fun. With a bridge you pretty much have ever lens you ever need right on the camera. With a DSLR you have to carry a backpack full of lenses. DSLRs are very expensive and bridge cameras are very inexpensive. About the only thing you will get by switching is a depleted band account.

However if you wish to shoot fast action sports or BIF then a DSLR is your only real option.

I don't think you will learn more about photography by getting a DSLR. All the rules of photography apply with either type of camera.

However since you have had you Panny for 8 years you should consider upgrading to a newer bridge camera.

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