Got my x100s last night!!! Advice needed please.

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Here is some advice from a long time user:

First of all congrats to the X100S. I have been using it for about 6 month now (and a X-Pro 1 and classic X100 for much longer than that).

Here are my suggestions to the settings you made:

- manual focus to split screen + enlarged

I use focus peaking (strong) without enlarging. This way I get a quick overview if i have to respond fast. The auto enlarge can screw up the framing when it has to go quick!

Split screen wirks best for focusing against 90° straight lines or edges. Often I do not have them where I need them though

- ISO is for the time being set at auto with max 1600 (should it be 6400?)

I use Auto ISO 6400 at 1/100S. But that is beacause I often shoot moving subjects. You can go down to 1/60s as a good compromise.

Switch NR to -2. The X100S goes very heavy into NR at high ISO and whipes out details. At -2 I have no problem using ISO 6400 if I have to.

- I left the Fn button for ISO (pity their isn't a dedicated ISO button), any other function recommended?

If you like to shoot at wide apertures in bright situations you might want to put the ND Filter on/off toggle here. The X100S will only expose to 1/1000s at f2 and at base ISO of 200 you'll hit this limit fast. The ND filter will help get rid of some extra light without affecting the IQ!

You'll get gradually faster shutter times when stopping down up to f8, minimizing the leaf shutter travel distance over the smaller opening.

- DR, dynamic rage is set at Auto - Should I move it to 200, 400? What is recommended?

I have it set to DR100 and only go manually (via "Q" menu) up to DR200 if needed. At DR400 it can sometimes look a bit over processed.

- and a few other minor changes

Switch all power savings off, get a fast UHS-I card and an extra battery. And I shoot JPG + RAW most of the time. If that is an option for you too, you'll always have the RAW in case you need to squeeze more out of the image. And if you don't want to always shoot both I would switch to JPG + RAW in very tough light situations.

Aside from these suggestions here are some informations I created that could interest and aid you learning more about the Fuji X in daily life situations:

-> Fuji X100S review:

-> Fuji X AF tipps:

-> Pimping your Fuji X:

=> Homepage
=> Recent Flickr Photos

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