ISOless sensors, read noise and photography - many questions!

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Re: In the quest of the optimum in-camera ISO setting

edu T wrote:

Horshack wrote:

It's better to test to see for yourself

The DxO data and its derivatives are only quantitative measures and don't capture qualitative aspects of noise like banding, impulse noise, color fidelity, shadow tints, amp glow, etc...

While you advise the OP to test & see, I understand that what Alan is looking for in his "last significative paragraph" is just kind of a DIY generic test protocol... so, +1 here!

PS: this "amp glow" is news to me, would it have something to do with tubes ("valves" to Britons) perhaps?

Thanks guys, wasn't requesting a test protocol per se, just wondering if such a test as I suggested would be as reliable (and certainly not as simple!) as basing decisions on the graphs; I would have to test the RAW software as well I suppose; I use ACR and could compare RAWTherapee and similar by comparison...

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