D800 Portrait Lens Battle!

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Re: D800 Portrait Lens Battle!

Here again they both look just fine.

Looks like the camera was in the same position, so some extra blur for the Tamron is a result of the higher magnification. In addition, if you notice the Tamron is at f/3.2 but the Nikon is at f/3.5, adding more to the background blur in the Tamron photo.

Of course if background blur is the issue then a fair comparison is what each lens can do, like your bigger aperture example with the 85mm, where it "wins" IMO (i.e. it's more blurry).

There are many different situations. If the apertures are the same and the distances are the same, which is likely to happen sometimes, then I guess the Tamron "wins". If you can choose any aperture then even at the same distance the 85mm "wins". If you can choose distance to match magnification and choose aperture, the 85mm "wins". I don't consider macro to be a comparison when considering the 85mm lens anyway.

Basically both are good and depends what each person want.

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