Lets Hear your iOS7 Horror Stories

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Re: Lets Hear your iOS7 Horror Stories

dark goob wrote:

Photato wrote:

Slower operations in general.

Battery runs shorter.

There are several things you can do to fix this. I was a beta tester since iOS 7 beta 1. Go Settings > Privacy > Locations Services > and turn off all non-essential things. Also scroll to the VERY bottom of that list and then go to > System Services > and turn off Location-Based iAds, Popular Near Me, Diagnostics and Usage. Also go to General > Background App Refresh > and just turn it all the way off. Lastly I'd make sure your mail account settings didn't get reset to start checking them all the time, because if they did, that can be a big battery drain. Once I addressed these settings, my battery life improved back to iOS 6 levels. Oh yeah, also, remove everything you can from Notifications Center, and go to General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion and turn that ON.

Kitcam app crash and it won't be updated.

With the native camera apps is harder to switch between Still and Video.

At first I thought this too, but actually it's easy: just swipe anywhere on the screen to toggle between them. You don't have to just swipe right on the name.

Shutter now works in burst mode all the time. No longer works in "release to shoot".

You can just tap it to shoot one shot, but I agree it's a bit touchy.

Photos app background is white when looking at pictures instead of black, hate that.

Agreed. I complained to Apple about this but so far no "dark mode" setting yet. We'll see. I have my fingers crossed for 7.1 to address alot of these requests. Remember to send feedback to apple.com/feedback and voice your concerns, so the engineering dept. hears us loud and clear.

iOS7 rendered my third party USB cables useless, no longer work.

So i was like, enough of this BS !

So i went back to iOS6, everything is snappier, battery last longer and it just works.

this reminds me of the Microsoft Windows Vista fiasco.

Most people remained in Windows XP for a long time.

I don't think iOS 7 is that bad really. Although I am not going to upgrade my iPad to 7 yet, I might someday, I just don't *need* to right now. My roommate did update his, though and it works great. I did get an iPhone 5S and it runs iOS 7 like a dream. The iPhone 4S is probably best left running iOS 6, though it does run iOS 7 decently, it is not as snappy as it was on iOS 6. It does not remind me of Vista though, which was terrible. It reminds me of when I upgraded my iPod Touch (2nd Gen) to iOS 4, and it just ran much choppier than it did on iOS 3. The 4S can handle iOS 7 and apps run well enough (I didn't find ANY problems among my 312 apps!). But frankly some of the stuff is obviously meant to happen on iPhone 5 and 5S.

Thanks so much dark boob.

Well, if I have to deactivate all the features to keep my battery from draining then what good iOS7 is it? lol

I can't believe how unpolished the iOS7 is, considering the size of Apple.

Right after it was released the web was teaming with articles on how to make iOS7 more readable.

That never happened with older iOS.

Jony Ive is extremely overrated. iPhone success has nothing to do with him.

It was a big mistake let him redesign the user interface.

The guy can't even design a USB plug.

I have a hunch Apple iOS golden years peaked around iOS5.

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