How can I keep my D-600 when...

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Re: How can I keep my D-600 when...

stevo23 wrote:

First - nice photo.

Second - stay away from f22! That scene needs f8 at the most.

Third - it's dirty alright. Do you know how many actuations you have on it? Mine was actually worse after the first 2 or 3 months with much greater accumulation in the upper left of the image. Maybe a good wet clean will fix you right up? Maybe you need to send it to Nikon?

I'll let you know how mine goes. I see dust - for sure there is some and I can make it show up. But in a normal image with proper focus etc., I really have to look for it. Much better.

I was after the longest shutter speed I could get. I know f/22 is dangerous, but it's the only option I had as ISO was bottomed out. That was just a crop from the corner; end image is:

Yeah, Nikon is the next step for me. Worst case is I keep it and put up with wet cleaning myself until the issue goes away. My only concern there is that it's a royal pain if you're going away on holidays etc. I'd still like to return it for another body, but I'm also happy if Nikon can fix it. I'm glad to hear yours is going well - some others have said that their fix simply meant they had a new shutter that threw lube/debris like the original one - good to hear yours seems to be improved. After 1,000 actuations it should really be evident if there's a problem. I've shot about 2,500 images with mine so far (over 3 months, with 3 cleans required in that time).

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