Ergonomics question to Canon users from a Nikon user

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Re: Ergonomics question to Canon users from a Nikon user

Random Photographer wrote:

The touchscreen is so underrated that I sometimes have the urge to run up to people and frantically yell "please touch my camera screen!"

Pending lawsuits aside, I feel that a touchscreen changes the way one uses the camera, especially when focusing with liveview in both stills and video mode. Its just so much more convenient. And coupled with the fact that almost all new tech is touch-based, a touchscreen is just the next intuitive step for DSLR screens.

The "professional" aspect of it has been debated to death. My solution is that the option should be there for those who wish to use it, but also that there should be an easy way (i.e. Physical button) to turn off the touch screen for those pros who think that a stray finger or object may mess up their composition.

But in my opinion, Canon has the upper hand in usability mainly in this regard. The touchscreen just works and it's so intuitive. With the 70D, touch to focus has been amazing and produces really professional effects, especially in Video. On the 7100, I almost always accidentally touch the screen, feeling greatly disappointed afterwards, that I have to go back and use arcane physical buttons to change a settings, instead of just touching it to change it makes the camera feel "outdated" in this "touchscreen era".

Of course, this means nothing if you're just a viewfinder shooter, which many people are. But to me the touchscreen is a great compliment to hardware buttons, rather than a replacement, and Nikon, in this regard, should start implementing it in their upper tiers.

+1 all the way.


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