Making the jump to DSLR... advice?

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Re: Making the jump to DSLR... advice?

I use 2 cards rated at 45MB/s UHS-1 and rated at at least writespeed of 10Mbyte. [class 10]

Both are the same, sandisk Extreme 16Gbyte

That sounds like allot of space but with the A65 not only are the Raw files 25Mbyte big yet there always is shooting movies.

Performance wise it is pretty decent, write speeds are good. And its sandisk so its is a good brand. With the A65 I can put about 622 images on an empty card.

GPS is not super accurate but it will put you in the neigbhourhood of where you need to be. Compared to some external GPS recievers it just isn't that accurate. But as you will find out having GPS even if it puts you 20 feet away from where you actually are.. is a blessing indeed.

GPS works quicker at finding if you sync to the camera the GPS helper data. For that you need to use the software Sony provides, it loads a files that gives the reciever hints about where to look for signal.

Another nice part it is fully functional 2 speed burstrate setting. Depending on the model you buy you get different burst rate options. On the A65 it is Lo 3fps Hi 8fps with a 10fps mode on the dial. Both the Lo and the Hi shoot bursts with working metering and autofocus. The 10fps mode locks the focus and metering to allow it to shoot those extra frames.

Hi is pretty useful for sports to say the least. Finding a Canikon that does something like that for the money the Sony costs.. you are not going to do it. Another gain of the SLT, quicker burstrates. Even the A37 has some utterly lovely burstrates if you ever photograph sports..or quick animals like fishing cranebirds. 7 frames per second is pretty awesome for a camera in that price range.

But hey best is if you find all that stuff out for yourself. First year with a DSLR is a whole new experience. And years after you still learn about little functions and tricks.

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