Warning: A3000 emits a fake shutter sound that can't be disabled

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Re: Facts about the NEX 3n shutter sound

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Sony builds good equipment, but I don't get the feeling many of their engineers are photographers. The NEX interface is awful compared to my EOS-m.

As I recall from the early days of the Nex, the interface wasn't designed by the photographic team, but by the cellphone people, Sony-Erickson. I guess they felt that they'd have a lot of beginners and amateurs getting into the system and wanted to be sure that it was easy-to-use for them. It does have a pretty look, kind of like comparing a windowed OS to a command-line OS. Some things still are more efficient using the command line, but on the computer, I can choose which way I want to work. On the Nex, I can add the most-used functions to the fn or other keys, or I can dive into the menu. I dunno, if I were going to redesign it, the main things I'd do is try to split up the massive "setup" menu into a couple of separate categories and make better use of the dials.

Being able to assign functions to buttons raises the controls on my NEX 3n from unacceptable to merely annoying. I think that was a key part of the 3early firmaware update on the first NEX models.

My RX100 is much better, with more functionality, more flexibility in button assignments, and the MR modes.

The Canon EOS-m is better still, and a lot of its betterness is because the basic Canon DSLR interface was skillfully melded with a touch screen. I used an EPM-2 for a bit and its touchscreen also helps a lot. And, unlike the Sony's, you can use autoiso in M mode, which I do a lot.

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