Making the jump to DSLR... advice?

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Re: Making the jump to DSLR... advice?

I will give you the most basic and best advice anybody can give you. Go to an actual store, hold the camera, make sure they have a charged battery around so you can experience the EVF, the feel of the body. the weight and the size.

SLT might be smaller but still is SLR sized and looks like it to.

Personally I did look between the A57 and A65 and did go with the A65. Why? That EVF is just better, yeah it is a WYSISWG and it works. Also I have the V model with GPS. Not needed but still, back screen is nice to.

Though the A77 even looks nicer with its weatherproofing, slightly more functionality, a screen that goes even higher up for selfies.

Really what choice you are going to make depends really on holding it in the shop and just feeling it. The kitlens will be [unless you buy the expensive 16-50mm f2.8] just a kitlens. Nothing special so to say. And 18 to 55 is a bit short, you might want to spend into an 18-135 so you have a nice start.

Also it doesn't hurt to have 2 memory cards for it and 2 batties. So you always have a backup, no don't worry it isn't like Sigma draining quick. But all that electronic Viewfinder and Liveview mode does drains the battery faster then an equally placed Nikon or Canon.

Hey you get WYSIWYG, it is going to take you some more battery power.

Results are awesome no matter what SLT model you buy, good sensors, fast FPS, chock full of functions.

Just remember compared to your superzoom the DSLR lenses are bigger, heavier and more expensive. Yup bigger sensor does needs more glass

And my advice 18-135mm is a good idea to look at for buying. It is still a kitlens, it is not the best image quality IN THE WORLD.. but it has a nicer range then the 18-55mm.

If possible look into learning to shoot Raw and invest $100 in lightroom. Just saying, Sony makes some awesome sensors, their JPG's on the other hand are not always the best.

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