Is the NEX-5T the last NEX camera?

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Re: Is the NEX-5T the last NEX camera?

parallaxproblem wrote:

captura wrote:

Is the NEX-6 on a 2 year cycle, or a no-year cycle?

I think we are in basic agreement at this point. I just reacted a bit because I'm really fed up with inconsistent SAR rumors, although I can't blame them too much because it's SAR's business to stay in business, after all.I can't blame Sony at all for any of this because they believe in being secretive and I can't say as I blame them. They need, after all, to protect their profits. I suggest taking SAR rumors with a modicum of discretion.

NEX-6 and NEX-5R always struck me as slightly odd models as they are so similar: it was like two different design concepts for the same product. I wonder if this is what actually happened and as the Sony team couldn't decide which one to release they decided to produce both and sell at slightly different price points..? Just speculation on my part

Thhe technology of bthe 6 and the 5R/T is the same. The bodies are different. Adding the EVR component as in the 6 makes it much more expensive, quite naturally. Adding the touch screen and removing one dial as in the 5R/T results in a $200 savings. Sony's plan was to cover the middle of the market with these 2 cameras to give 2 different choices to buyers depending on their needs. I feel they did this successfully. And I'm a 5R upgrader to suggest there is a 3'd choice. Initially buying a 5R, the later getting the FDA AV1S EVR.

I also get the feeling that the NEX-5R wasn't designed by the same people that did the two previous NEX-5 models as various detail changes really 'jar' with the original concept: strap holding lugs, button colour, inversed LCD with resistive instead of capacitative screen and removal of protective screen and light sensor, plastic used for the top plate. I wonder if there were changes in the NEX design team and if so then why those changes happened? Again, just speculation on my part

Sony has several design teams and if one team, let's call it the NEX team, are too busy, the another team will be assigned to do the project. Maybe the SLT team, or perhaps the Cyber-shot team. They are all supposed to be interchangeable in that event. Although normally they would prefer to keep some continuity going. Some decisions however are just mistakes. The resistive screen perhaps, although it's great with gloves in freezing weather.

It would be interesting to know what happened in the NEX team between the time that the 5N and 7 were designed and the time that the 5R and 6 were developed, and also which out of the 5R and 6 was the more popular in the market

The 5R and the 5T are, far as I know, the same camera except for the addition of Near Field technology in the 5T. They did this with the 5R because it's a media-oriented camera, whereas the 6 is more of a photographer's camera, or so I guess.

The 5R was introduced one month before the 6. However it was the 6 that took everyone's fancy, and DPR didn't even bother to review the 5R properly. (b.t.w. is DPR planning to do any more camera reviews?) The 6's seemed to outsell the 5R initially, but recently the 5R has become popular perhaps because it is more of a value leader for many consumers who don't need the EVR.

I wonder if the 5T is basically a 'single run' product which is using-up left-over parts from both the 5R and 6, with a view to both models being replaced early next year by a single new model with a new sensor (an A5000?)? The NFC in the 5T would have certainly earned the NEX team 'brownie points' internally within Sony for it's compatibility with the Xperia Z1, Xperia Tablet Z and 2013 Bravia TVs - incidentally I got to play with an Xperia Tablet Z yesterday: very nice piece of kit! (though I still bought the Nexus 10, but only because it was half the price and I intend to use it primarily as a development machine, where current android updates are important)

No, the 5T is 100% the same as the 5R, except for the tiny piece of electronics required for the Near Field feature. If anyone know with assurance about any other difference in the hardware, please post it.

Anyhow, I am surprised that SAR rumors should continued to be taken so seriously. Even some of their "SR5" rumors have failed to materialize.

Very true

However, here are a few more clues, which may support your claim:

Not a 'claim' as I have no information suggesting this is actually the case. Just one possible interpretation of what might be happening - but I don't like it and really hope that things don't go this way

Nobody really knows.

- no hint of revised NEX-6 or NEX7 models. The NEX-7x model is overdue..what happened?

The SAR admin is saying that the A7 will be 'really cheap', though not as 'cheap' as a NEX-7 (is $1200 'cheap'?). Perhaps the A7 is now intended as the NEX-7 uprade, or at least Sony are hoping to pickup a few customers from those who would otherwise have bought a NEX-7?

I am cynical about this new report from SAR. Last monthy it was ILC A 3000, 5000, 7000 and NEX-9 models. To-day it's A7 and A7r. What will it be next week? And what happenned to the for-sure SR5 announcement about the FF NEX-9 from last week? Is SAR now in charge of naming all the new cameras for Sony Corp?

I wonder if the NEX-6 will share the same replacement camera as the NEX-5T?

Not a peep about a NEX-6x. Is it the end of the line for the NEX-6 after the current model expires? It's all driven by sales. To get some idea of the disappointment of Sony in their own NEX sales, one would need to find the forecasted sales predictions and compare them to the actual sales figures.

- the NEX-9 was definitely fully developed, but was it withdrawn from introduction?

Could Sony release a NEX-9 as well as these models? I really wish Sony would tell us clearly what their plans for A and E mount are as I'm getting fed up with being jerked around by these rumours

It's all a media guessing game. How many sales floaters are proposed by connected hucksters and marketing people? I would guess that all of these companies including the rumor- makers, journalists, reviewers and vendors are intertwined in a complicated octopus of sorts. Or am I being too cynical? And are any of the members of DPR really secretly paid just to promote or to stir things up? (hope not.)

- seeming virtual certainty that more upscale follow-up models after the SLR-body ILC A-3000 (ie: A7, A7r?) will soon be introduced indicates a change of direction by Sony.

But would Sony abandon the NEX rangefinder-style body altogether? Even Panasonic and Olympus are still offering both the rangefinder and SLR-style cameras.

I hope not, but I just find it difficult to imagine them selling two separate series of Emount bodies concurrently. I thought that they would have 'DSLR' shape at the low-end and 'rangefinder' at the high end, but obviously (well, if the SAR rumour is true) that isn't going to be the case

Not necessarily. It's very complicated. They will sell whatever product makes money and drop whatever doesn't. And Son's secrecy has been a very good strategy for them. They're still getting top[ dollar for ageing NEX cameras. In contrast, Panasonic had to dump many thousands of m43 G5 and GX1 models for less than 1/2 price after very short production the case of the G5, it was only 6 months and they brought out the G6. LOTS of bad planning may cause Panasonic's failure, one day.

PS: Olympus and Sony are now teamed up, much in the way that Minolta and Sony were, once upon a time. Will Olympus get completely taken over one day by Sony management teams? Just asking some questions.

I can only conclude that Sony has had some major shifts in their plans over the past year or so.

Yes, I have that feeling as well. I think there must have been a lot of politics in the NEX area over the last couple of years and I would imagine that relations between the E-mount and A-mount teams were probably not that good

Or they are really the same obedient Japanese teams who happily go about doing what their overlords-bosses instruct them to do. The cult of personality is not so common in Japan, Inc.


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