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Re: Sharpness and noise yes, but what about color?

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since B&H seems to have them in stock (blue ones at least) I pulled the trigger on one. Not happy about the lack of viewfinder but the reviews are all seem to be positive so far, so I want to check it out myself.

Did you have your order confirmation? Shipment confirmation? Do they actually have them in stock? I see the black one listed "available October, 3", which is today, but it still says "preorder". It looks like their site is messed up.

nope, no order conformation but it did say in stock this morning when I ordered. But nothing I got


I see these early reviews talking about better sharpness and reduced noise (esp the latter) on the XA1, but what about color? I thought the XTrans had the best color I've yet seen on a smaller than FF sensor. Has anyone seen XA1 vs Xtrans tests??

You can compare samples on ephotozine.com and phtotographyblog.com. The X-A1 colors look quite healthier than X-M1. The blue is blue and not cyan, the red doesn't look like fresh blood, and green is also more natural. And there isn't that red-brown shift in low light x-trans is famous for.

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