Pls show examples where increasing brightness in post better than increasing ISO.

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Re: Excellent example!

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IMO the two biggest benefits of ISOless shooting are dynamic range and not having to worry about image brightness at the time of shooting. For the latter if you're shooting in conditions that would otherwise require elevated ISO you simply set the ISO to base (or to whatever level is optimal for that sensor) and never worry about setting ISO thereafter.

The example, pushed 5EV in post. Notice how the image on the television is retained by shooting at ISO 100. If I had shot at ISO 3200 the TV image would have been blown out.

Oriignal (ISO 100)


Nicely demonstrated!

On all the cameras I have there actually is an IQ compromise when shooting at base ISO. For example on my D800 there is more noise and shadow tinting when using ISO 100 pushed to ISO 3200/6400 than when shooting at ISO 800 and pushed to the same output brightness.

Interesting. According to sensorgen's figures (derived from DxOMark data), that should not be the case. That said, I've heard that some (most?) RAW converters may make use of the ISO setting information in the conversion. For example, an ISO 100 file will be converted differently than an ISO 800 file, based on assumptions about the scene as a function of the selected ISO. Perhaps someone can confirm or deny this.

According to Bill Claff the D800/D800e read noise decreases from app. 4.2 e- at ISO 100 to app. 2.7 e- at ISO 800.

That might explain the issue, but why the discrepancy between Bill Claff (4.2 e- at base ISO) and sensorgen (2.7 e- at base ISO)?

I think that I believe Bill's figure more. The sensorgen one looks a bit anomalous:

The 200 ISO figure is 3.6 and 400 3.3, so 4.2 would fit. In the end, Bill's data is more accurate.

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