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Re: Fuji film modes

Lynxo wrote:

Is there any point to using the built in provia, velvia, astia

Films in the camera?

Shooting standard gives you more flexibilty for PP or

Does the in camera films do a better job?

"STD" on the Fujifilm cameras is the same as Provia; there is no separate Provia setting. Shooting "standard" (=Provia) does not necessarily give more post-processing flexibility across the board, but working with the Provia version of a JPEG you will have more latitude in contrast control than you will have had you shot with the Astia or Velvia settings. However, you may find more flexibility in the color rendition of Astia, for instance.  Are you aware that you can set the XF1 to bracket film simulations, i.e., to expose three frames, respectively Provia, Astia, and Velvia, with one push of the shutter button?  Try it, and see the differences for yourself.

On the Fujifilm supplied special version of Silkypix software, there are color curves called P and V1 and V2, which one assumes (the documentation is unhelpful) the authors of Silkypix wish to correspond to Provia, Velvia, and Velvia on steroids; I have found that the P color curve of Silkypix is not the same as the in-camera Provia mode and the V1 color curve is not the same as the in-camera Velvia color curve.

Btw, is the XF1 not a very popular p&s?
So far its ok for me.

The reputation of the XF1 is badly hampered by ignorant snobbery. The XF1 is quite compact and fashionably stylish. Historically, most good cameras generally have been bulky, have had all their knobs and levers proudly hanging out like Elizabethan-era codpieces, and otherwise have been ungainly. Therefore, people who know much less than they think they know dismiss the XF1 as just another fashion accessory. Fujifilm's marketing, (link) such as this -- showing a perfectly manicured woman's hand slipping an XF1 into a high-fashion $1,500 purse -- only reinforces that notion. You can see examples of that snobbery in this very forum, and the median knowledge level here is much higher than it is at the average high volume sales photography shop's sales counter.

The XF1 is essentially an X10 from which the viewfinder has been removed, and the maximum aperture at the long end of the zoom has been reduced one and a half stops, both for compactness. As a picture taker, the XF1 is fully the equal of the X10 (a little better image quality at the long end of the zoom where the X10 is a stop and a half brighter, and a little worse image quality at the wide angle end of the zoom where the XF1 is a third of a stop brighter), which means that (in the eyes of some of us) the XF1 delivers superior overall image quality to the X20, which has significantly better resolution at L size than either the X10 or the XF1.

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