D700 prices are through the roof!!!

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Re: D700 prices are through the roof!!!

Simon Garrett wrote:

rightwinger wrote:

I just bought a D800, and you couldn't get my four old D700. It didn't stop being a great unit. I don't see the D600 or the D800 as a replacement.

Can you explain why the D800 isn't a D700 replacement please?

Specifically: what features does the D800 not have that it should have (or does have and it shouldn't)?

D800 is optimized for resolution, not speed. D800 is twice the price, yet slower than a  D700. Action shooters and many others simply don't want or need that many pixels/large files.

Why Nikon didn't just put that 24MP sensor in the D700 body is a mystery.

They put a 36MP sensor in a D700 body instead.

And made it slower. D800 is meant as a competitor to MF, clearly not a sports/action body.

I don't like the D600 layout. I feel the same about the D7000,D7100...I do NOT see those as replacing the D300/D300s.....

I quite agree, but for me the D800 replaces the D700. I don't have much call for 8fps, so I don't miss that.

Is there anything else the D800 lacks that stops it being a D700 replacement?

Why keep insisting the D800 can do it all? Nikon's fastest pro body has 16MP, not 36. The D3X wasn't a 'replacement' for the D3.

There is still a need for an affordable, fast frame-rate body, and the D700 still fulfills that better than the D800 (and far better than D600).

Dave Cruz

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