D700 prices are through the roof!!!

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Re: D700 prices are through the roof!!!

Simon Garrett wrote:

rightwinger wrote:

I just bought a D800, and you couldn't get my four old D700. It didn't stop being a great unit. I don't see the D600 or the D800 as a replacement.

Can you explain why the D800 isn't a D700 replacement please?

Specifically: what features does the D800 not have that it should have (or does have and it shouldn't)?

Why Nikon didn't just put that 24MP sensor in the D700 body is a mystery.

They put a 36MP sensor in a D700 body instead.

I don't like the D600 layout. I feel the same about the D7000,D7100...I do NOT see those as replacing the D300/D300s.....

I quite agree, but for me the D800 replaces the D700. I don't have much call for 8fps, so I don't miss that.

Is there anything else the D800 lacks that stops it being a D700 replacement?

Simon, I ultimately chose a D700 over a D800 (after trying and returning three of them with Left AF issues). I count a lot of advantages to the D700 in addition to the 33% faster burst rate. These include:

  • Smaller RAW file sizes for storage & archiving.
  • Faster PP of RAW files especially with sophisticated noise reduction algorithms, etc.
  • Suitability with a broader range of lenses (for example fast primes where the D800's 5 year old PDAF module still can't reliably support critical focus at f/1.4 on moving targets for 36MP resolution, and lenses that don't have the optical resolution to support a 36MP sensor).
  • Greater depth of field before diffraction limits kick in on the D800 at f/8 or lower.
  • Richer colors derived (IMHO) from the fat pixels of the D700 versus the D800.
  • A significantly lower price despite the decline in pricing of the D800 and a flood of D800 refurbs from the initial wave of QC problems when the camera launched.

A true D700 replacement for me would be a camera with a reasonable sensor size (certainly no greater than the 16MP size of the D4) that has been optimized for low noise and high dynamic range, along with a truly next generation PDAF system able to support this sensor resolution at f/1.4 in AF-C. Imagine this product as a D750 Noct.


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