Why xz1 is still mentioned contrary to the lx5

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also have both lx5 and xz1

And I disagree about the XZ1 not being a good landscape camera.

I like both cameras, think they are very different and provide different shooting experiences.  My main love of the Panasonic cameras is the ability to shoot wide in 16:9 aspect ratio as a 'native' aspect and I do agree that is compelling reason to use the panny over the oly for landscapes.  I'll never understand why Panasonic dropped that feature for the ILC cameras (but explains why I don't own any Panasonic ILC cameras).

The updates are really different and might explain what you are seeing.  The LX7 is basically the same thing but improved compared to the LX5 (I'm not convinced entirely, as the LX5 seems to have sharper lens than the LX7).  And it was initially sold at $299 in US and currently sells quite often at prices lower than $325.  For me personally, I haven't updated because I'd have to buy the newer EVF and then it becomes expensive.

The XZ2 is a totally different camera than the XZ1 and might not appeal to anyone wanting a very small camera.  And it is very expensive and has stayed expensive - I never see it for less than $450.  Plus, you can buy EPM2 plus lens for less money, which is hard to overlook.  And there have been several APS-c sized compacts since these cameras were released --- and constant rumors of Oly premium compact makes me keep waiting.

I haven't upgraded either camera because I really don't need the upgrades and the value isn't justified for me.

And finally, this website dpreview NEVER did a review for the XZ2.

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