Is the NEX-5T the last NEX camera?

Started Oct 3, 2013 | Discussions thread
wb2trf Senior Member • Posts: 2,913
Don't believe it.

The only people who have legitimate anxiety are people with large amounts of long registration distance lenses, (Sony A, Nikon F, Canon EF).  Those things are going to find themselves used via adapters for shorter registration distance cameras because there aren't going to be mirrors in the light path after a while.  If that is a concern, that's legit and inevitable.  No manufacturer can control that.  The mirrors are costly and going away, and with them the long registration distance camera.

On the other hand the notion that camera makers are going to stabilize around packing a lot of air into a body, like the A3000, for marketing reasons, when a Nex 3 to 7 body size will do it all, is just not a real risk.  Obviously there are a lot of different body style personal preferences that will be market niches, but the notion that "small" won't be among them is not believable.  Furthermore as a Nex owner you can buy emount to your heart's content and not worry about that, at least for technological/marketing reasons.

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