Help. Reasons to buy Pentax.

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Help. Reasons to buy Pentax.

Have been eagerly reading news, watching pictures, reviews, ando more in this forum, and others.

My point is: I am changing system. Reasons?

Love street candids isolating subjects. Have a Nikon D5100 and 85 f 1.8 lens.

I "think" I spoil many shots (perhaps 40 to 50 %) due to bad technique as I get many blurred shots, even at very high speeds.

I don´t find the same problem witha stabilised lens (tamron 70-300 VC).

And believe SR os IBIS ie. in camera anti shake would solve that for the moment.

So considering two options:

a.-Olympus EM-5 with a 60 mm. lens or if I mortgage my soul, the 75 mm. Expensive

b.-Pentax k-50 with DA 77 limited. !? Better $ option as I have a 77 limited.

I have a Pentax 77 lens with no camera!, yes, told a friend to buy one for me in NY and he returned 1 year after with it, without reading my message to abort purchase as I already bought the Nikon. And had to keep it

This is the type of sooting I do most.

My only gripes are Rice Highs reasons "not to buy Pentax" as he says Ricoh will doom Pentax, and that Pentax colors are not good anymore, and that the Olympus is less cospicuos in the streets and atracts less attention ?

See, I attract lot of attention......he..he...

Any idea - help ?

BTW I am leaning towards Pentax for its great 77 limited, great colors and non-conventional spirit (away from  C***n N***n)

Of Olympus it worries me the size of sensor and EVF

Thanks in advance.

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