Fuji X20 --Wake up Delay/Overexposure Issue -- anyone else noticed this?

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Re: Fuji X20 --Wake up Delay/Overexposure Issue -- anyone else noticed this?

This has been a very interesting thread which may explain some of the mysterious overexposure reports we see from time to time.

The truth is that we seem to lose some important speed/response features with the current round of 'super compacts' (and maybe some other current live view models as well) compared with traditional DSLRs and SLRs which had OVF and no live view.

Not only do we have the time to respond to changing light values (as discussed here) but also the time taken to be ready to shoot from 'off' which most current cameras with LCDs or EVFs turn to after a few minutes.

With my DSLR I can leave it 'on' and it is ready to take a shot as soon as I have it at my eye, and the exposure is right as well.  The electronics do not drain the battery significantly so there is no need for it to turn off

It is strange that this is not reported in reviews and if it were the manufacturers might find a way round the problem (for me as an action photographer)


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