Epson R3000 Endless Whirring and Buzzing

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Phil Hill wrote:

I don't know the details but this quote is from the Imaging Resource review:

Pigment Agitation. With the ink stored in an immobile tank, how does the R3000 agitate the pigment so it doesn't all settle at the bottom of the tank? You can actually hear it agitate the ink using a pressurization system borrowed from the Epson 3800. It sounds a bit like a vacuum cleaner every now and then as the pigments are stirred up in the tank using fluid pressure.

Yes I have seen that statement many times in many reviews, but no one ever said how.

Now if you read this Epson patent and look at photos (last 2) on the right side, you will see those decompression devices, what I believe that they do is allow a set amount of ink volume to be stored in the ink feed path, and then push it backwards towards the cartridges at some point so yes that could possibly have some small shifting of ink in and out of the cart to agitate the ink, but the carts are definitely not the 3800/3880 design so that system is really not used, maybe some version of it with decompression devices.

Hopefully the R3000 does agitate the inks.

Bob P.

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