Fuji X20 --Wake up Delay/Overexposure Issue -- anyone else noticed this?

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Re: Fuji X20 --Wake up Delay/Overexposure Issue -- anyone else noticed this?

Granted, myself and perhaps a few others who have added to this thread & who were able to reproduce the same occurrence -- (even with other brand cameras) -- I am turned off of compacts. I am coming from DSLR use and as I watched some of the features from DSLRs trickle down to compacts, I thought the X20 was a good cam to jump for. I'll just have to wait.. Don't get me wrong, I love slowing down and concentrate on the shot -- still use a fully manual Nikon FE but when it come to exposure, even that vintage body beats the X20. Thanks everyone form your contribution.

One more thought -- I read lots of reviews on the X20 before the purchase. Never came across any mention of this behaviour. It is under extreme bright conditions and possible testers are rarely reviewing under said conditions I suppose. Darned frustrating experience and unfortunately a deal breaker for me. I am disappointed to hear the Nikon V1 may have issue too. I had a interest in that line as a Nikon user. Nice to know it may be rectified via a menu setting though..

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