Terada: Olympus could go Full Frame !

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Re: It will be fun to watch m43 fans react to Olympus E mount cameras

calxn wrote:

I remember the exasperation that 43 owners had when Olympus was ending it in favor of m43. It'll be fun to watch m43 fans react to E-mount Olympus.

There are no m43 fans.

There are Olympus fans. This concept is different from m43 fans. People go for m43 for the sake of utility, and stick to Olympus because of the company's Apple-like allure. Panasonic is known to produce consumer appliances and their cameras and lenses have been called this name exactly. So Panasonic users are just users, like people use consumer appliances. Not fans. Can anyone be a fan of a consumer appliance?

So in all likelihood, Olympus fans will welcome whatever Olympus FF systems that will come with great enthusiasm, and will start hating Nikon, Canon, and maybe even Sony, instead of hating Panasonic. And m43 users will either continue using m43 if the new FF mirrorless does not give them what they want, or equally likely move to FF mirrorless because that format means that FF is no longer a synonym for dinosaur, battleship, IBM PC XT, and SLR.

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