Just installed Magic Lantern on the 5D3 - some initial notes

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Re: Just installed Magic Lantern on the 5D3 - some initial notes

kkx wrote:

Raw video is one of the reason that I upgrade from 5DM2. I plan to shot raw video and use the frames for focus stacking. Wonder if this will be the "solution" to limited DOF for high mag macro. Just get 60 or 30 fps of good res raw frames while swaying back to front which can be stacked later.

ML has focus bracketing built in. I haven't used it myself but I would have thought it would be preferable to using video for that purpose. Unless you have moving subjects? You could combine focus bracketing with silent pics to get better results than via video too if you still need the speed.

One item I am worry about for 1.1.3 is the MFA bug (setting MFA to -8). And due to the risk involved in FW update, I would like to avoid doing it too often. (EDIT: item 13 on the list you have linked.)

I'm aware of that bug but I haven't encountered it myself. Not sure how widespread a problem it is or what triggers it exactly.

Not knowing the write endurance (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_memory#Write_endurance) of the internal flash memory, I am also a bit worry.

Don't worry about that - it'll be in the many thousands. I can't imagine you'd ever get close to flashing that many times!

I have not read the raw video threads, or other development thread in details, they seems to saying "no bootflag means no raw video". Not sure why that is the case.

Hmm interesting, I can't understand why that would be either and I haven't heard it mentioned before (but then I'm not following the video discussion, I only shoot stills).

It will be nice if the nightly build include the nobootflag support. I am too busy now, but would love to contribute in making this possible (have zero experience with ML dev, so don't really know what is involved). From what I imagine/know, installing any ML firmware will complete with the camera running ML. If we just skip the set boot flag step of the firmware installation, any version of ML should be able to work like the 5DM3 alpha 3. Maybe I am missing something here. Because, someone would have done it if it is so simple.

I haven't looked into this myself either so am reluctant to speculate.

Also, the port to 1.2.1 is something that I am willing to help out.

That would be fantastic! As far as I understand it's mostly a matter of determining the updated memory locations of the various entry points that are hooked in to. I think there's some more details on the forums or wiki but don't have time to look now sorry, am off to the airport. I'm sure the devs would help you get started with this.

I have tried to build the toolchain and compile ML, didn't really works for me. Might have to give it another try.

What OS are you on? There is a Ubuntu VM which is preconfigured, that should make your life easy.

BTW, I use ML on 550D and it is amazing.


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