Pls show examples where increasing brightness in post better than increasing ISO.

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You are welcome

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

Pushing two stops in LR5 from 1600 to 6400, the 6400 is slightly better. Slightly finer grain, no color blotching (D800e.) So yeah, I'll go with the higher ISO up until the spike climbs the wall, thanks anyway, gentlemen.

Going from ISO 1600 to 6400 is all 'software' on the D800s - i.e. the ISO6400 setting on the D800s is really the ISO1600 setting (pushed two stops digitally in-camera). You can see it clearly here:

On the D800e ISO 6400 raw values are really ISO 1600 raw values times four

This means that if anybody is looking at two identical captures by a D800/e at the same exposure, one taken at ISO 1600 and one taken at ISO 6400 - and one sees differences in renderings of the two images once brightness is equalized, the differences are entirely due to differing raw conversion processes - because the Raw information is exactly the same.

So if one saw differences in that situation and one were using LR, the differences would have been introduced by LR applying slightly different recipes of its various parameters, including noise reduction, at ISO 6400 vs 1600.  Anybody not knowing that LR is causing the differences itself (and that therefore one could replicate at will when converting) would leave a couple of stops of potentially useful DR at the scene.


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