Pls show examples where increasing brightness in post better than increasing ISO.

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Re: Another example (PP time savings)

Horshack wrote:

I posted this on a DR discussion @ Canon Rumors a month back:

I would agree that nearly every High DR scene can be captured using techniques that don't require a High DR sensor. But one benefit of such sensor is workflow time savings. Here is a recent example where I shot a home interior for a friend for his real estate listing (using a D800). I wanted maximum IQ so I used two-shot blends for all the shots which had windows, to exhibit the woodsy setting outside his home. In this example it took me 20 minutes to manually blend the image, which I did in PS using layers and masks around the windows. For kicks I also performed the same exposure adjustment using a single image, which took me about 3 minutes. The latter has more noise than the two-shot blend but it's still perfectly usable even at the native 36MP resolution...and much more so at the resolutions the images were displayed at for the MLS listing. If you multiply this by 10 photos then the time savings can be significant...compared to either blends or interior strobe set ups.

Orig lower exposure image

Two-shot blend

One-shot HDR/shadow push

I agree wholeheartedly on the time saving. I think it has to do with what is actually happening in the final image.

The two-shot-blend is based on a complex pixel selection and tone mapping process often initially resulting in unnatural looking artifacts and requiring much fine tuning.

The one-shot-push is just simple tone mapping. At worst it is a contrast curve with some highlight recovery, something most of us are quite adept at.


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