EM-1 and OI Share..does it work?

Started Oct 3, 2013 | Discussions thread
Doug Brown Veteran Member • Posts: 3,952
Works with the E-P5

Can't see why it wouldn't with the E-M1. In fact I've seen wifi demo'ed with the E-M1 at the preview.

The frustrating thing they don't mention in the instructions is that you have to go into your iPhone's settings and select the Olympus camera as the wifi source each time. They make it sound like all you ahve to do is scan the bar code, but the connection is less automatic than advertised.

Once you do that though, start up image share app and it will work as planned (this is assuming you've done the bar code thing already)

I shot the opera tonight (Peter Grimes) and coming home on the streetcar had the wifi enabled on my E-P5 out of sight in the camera bag, which allowed me to casually browse all the shots on my iPhone (a lowly 3Gs model at that) without having the camera out in full view.

In fact I find this one of the best uses for wifi. Checking out photos while on public transit. Your camera can stay hidden while you do it.

Also used wifi to preview the photos during intermission.

Douglas Brown

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