Pls show examples where increasing brightness in post better than increasing ISO.

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Re: Excellent example !

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Detail Man wrote:

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What raw converter are you using? and is the profile twisted?

ACR, with my own profile. It's not a profile hue twist issue but mostly a shadow tinting issue. I can sometimes get acceptable results with ACR's shadow tinting slider but only if the color fidelity isn't very important for the image.

Well, your own profile is indeed not likely to be twisted, so that rules out that hypothesis.

I recall your investigation and finding that the Adobe ACR/LR "Exposure" control precedes what appears to be a (as I understand it, a silent, and a non-defeatable) non-linear transfer-function:

See also:

One cannot scale the input to a non-linear transfer-function without changing the resultant output.

This is definitely true. That test was done on a gray scale, so it doesn't tell us how that non-linearity may operate differentially on the different color channels.

Would it not to be reasonable to assume that (if) no hue-twists (by whatever means) are said to exist, (then) we might as a result expect the RGB channel transfer-functions to be the same - or are we somehow discussing an entirely separate way that color-dependence may exist here ? ...

I don't really know.  We do know that the neutral grays (redundant) remain neutral with all the alterations in the "Exposure" slider.  So some sort of balance must remain invariant.  But . . .

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