Full Frame E-Mount Rumors are Exciting

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Full Frame E-Mount Rumors are Exciting

I am TRULY EXCITED about the E-Mount Full Frame Rumors !

My LOVE for the RX1 has Never Faded (and the D800 is still my Fav sensor) ... and the Extra Functions of the NEX7 body and the D800 36mp sensor with a Zeiss 24-70 to make it useful for many, “many” PRO photogs ... brings tears to my Nikon shooter eyes ! LOL

It has the potential to be a truly GREAT camera ! The low priced 24mp competitor to go Head to Head with the D600 and 6D (in a smaller body) is Brilliant ! Seriously.

If Rumors are true the next two(2) FULL FRAME SONY will be a E-Mount with a body that is a MIX of NEX7 and RX1. LOVE IT !!! and a new Zeiss 24-70 right on the open. Sounds like the 36mp + 24-70 is a killer PRO kit right at the bell. In time for this Christmas. (as a D800 shooter , I am CRAZY Happy !)

The Low priced one at 24mp (to compete directly with the D600 & 6D "ON PRICE" ... note how the style numbers are similar for it's direct competitor?), and the High End one at 36mp.
It makes sense when you look at DXO D600 and D800 Ratings (both SONY Sensor). It's a known performance leader (even effecting Lens performance positively), and a mature Sensor design. Now the PDAF/CDAF part will be interesting. and AF in LOW Light and CAF. But, "DR" and "IQ" will be Great. That is a given.

SONY has probably took there two BEST body designs and MIX-ed it into one that Looks good, Feels good to work with, and "Functional".

I just hope the AF-ON button allows you to program it to "CAF-ON" override (Activate CAF on the "Press" of the AF-ON, when shooting in a SAF mode) and on the release of the AF-ON button = back to SAF. And a NEW & Improved FLASH with Radio Wireless. And a useful Highlight ZEBRA overlay thru the EVF. * Have a HUGE EVF for the “PRO” model ... LARGER than the Canon 1Ds OVF.


p.s.   I  "still" believe  A-Mount is the BEST solution for LONG BIG FAST  ...  No Compromise  LENS.

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