Dumping full-sized SLRs.

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Dumping full-sized SLRs.

I decided to sell off my full-sized DSLR kit. It's just too big and bulky for my liking. I went with a single body and a single lens to Key West last year and it was just plain awkward - it was a small DSLR and I've decided to go for something smaller.

I've read all the arguments for an against Nikon's CX format. The fact is though I used to get phenomenal images from my old Nikon 995. I look at them today and though small, they were pretty darned good. I loved the depth of field. I'm somebody that loves depth. I absolutely detest photos where everything or almost everything is blurry. I look at them and ask WTF is that then?

If you ask me about Picasso - that's 5-year old finger art. If you ask me about Caravaggio - now he was an artist.

For me photography is about the photo. I don't want to be a slave to the equipment. I'm not a pack mule, hunking around 2,500lbs of kit just to take a single photograph. I will use my photos - on my blogsites and in future books.

Have a look here to see what I do...



Originally the top domain name was for a professional website but I recycled it when I decided I no longer wanted to be a professional photographer. Publishing my photos in my books and on my blogs are as professional as I want to get with photography.

How many others are following the same route? You can see my full reasons laid out in the first blog link.

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I take photos for my own pleasure. I write books for my own pleasure too. If people buy them then fine. If not then I don't really care. The fun was in writing them. Income is just icing on top of the cake.

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