Terada: Olympus could go Full Frame !

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Re: Terada: Olympus could go Full Frame !

Well.. when M43 came out I had  a vision of Olympus going with a Super43 format, which was a little larger than FF and keeping the 4/3 aspect ratio. System would have new lenses for the new sensor but a crop option if you decided to attach a regular 4/3 lens.

Crazy I thought having 3 different formats (m43/Four Thirds/Super43).

If Olympus came out with a Mirrorless FF, with ALL their great innovations and superb in-camera processing, not to mention their TRUE weather sealing, IBIS and amazing glass...they would make some serious noise and definitely turning many, many heads.

I would jump on that ship and treat it like the NEW Medium Format for my studio work. m43 would stay as my social event system


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