X10 Summer Shots C&C welcome

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Re: X10 Summer Shots C&C welcome

Yyahalla wrote:

I just wanted to post some shots which I have taken with my Fuji X10 this summer. I am still relatively new to photography so pls don't be too harsh

^ The composition of this photo clearly required the extremely short focal length and wide included angle; I am less convinced that the other images shot at the same focal length would not have been improved had you used your feet to back away (or not) and composed with a longer focal length.

^ Interesting photo, but couldn't you have asked that guy to step aside while you took the picture?

^ Nice composition and isolation; you might take this image and play with it in Lightroom or Aperture or even Silkypix or Picasa: I have a hunch that there is an even better image lurking just below the surface.

^ Good use of a longer focal length (see comment above), but zooming just a tad more could have resulted in a tighter and better composition.

^ Nice; calls for a touch of highlight control in post-processing, as the highlight at the left pulls the eye away from the insect at right center.

Overall, I concur completely with CACreeks: the X10 rendition consistently pleases my eyes more than the images that I see from X20 portfolios. And as he noted, the first (monochrome) image of the cantilever bridge asks the question of what story it is telling (also needs a small adjustment of the horizon line).

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