Terada: Olympus could go Full Frame !

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I had the pleasure to talk to Toshi-san yesterday...

at the Munich event presenting the E-M1. A very nice person and he was interested in collecting feedback of the local Olympus users. In several occasions he pointed out where the German/European preferences differed from, e.g. the Japanese ones. It was a very good conversation. The question of 35mm cameras was not touched by him though.

But his German counterpart did quite strongly point out that for the near future that would not be a topic for Olympus at all. Supporting µ4/3rds binds all resources of Olympus, there is no way for them to start another system. Also, it would be a bit strange considering how much they specialize in making a distinct alternative to 35mm cameras which is so much smaller in cameras and most of all optics. And I think a lot of their current features, like sensor-based IS and extreme fast CDAF would probably not be possible with 35mm sensors.

I don't think that 35mm is in the plans of Olympus, except perhaps for any collaboration with Sony, but until any products hit the market, there is not any evidence that such a collaboration actually exists. With their recent µ4/3rds lineup Olympus is finally delivering on the promises made with 4/3rds - they have a full-featured camera which is smaller than a comparable DSLR, and even more visible the size difference becomes when comparing lens sizes. So there is every reason to continue on this path. Of course, in 5 or 10 years the world could look entirely different and 35mm cameras would be the only product being able to be sold. Then probably Olympus would consider one. But currently all the people I met were extremely proud about the quality of their current system. And testing the E-M1 with the 12-40 and all the 4/3rds lense, I have to agree with them!


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