PRO-100 Printing out of various sources

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Re: PRO-100 Printing out of various sources

jtoolman wrote:

I just uploaded a second video on Printing on the PRO-100 where I tried to hit on the main features of the Print Studio Pro Plugin. I am 100% sure I only scratched the surface as I am still exploring what it can do.

I also demonstrated how to print to the PRO-100 from Photoshop, Lightroom and Qimage Ultimate, each time letting the APP control color.

It should be able to answer any questions about how to print using ICC profiles with this printer through the 3 main editing apps on a Windows 7 OS machine.

I do not own, nor use a MAC any longer so I don't have the specifics on how to do the same through OS-10.

Hope it is useful!


Sure did! At the time I was using far too many programs not available for the MAC OS and I could hand build 5 times a Widows machine for the cost of a single store bought MAC.

I don't have anything against the MAC OS so please let's stay on subject of the PRO-100.

It will work perfectly fine with both. I am just not familiar at all with the Canon MAC drivers so I can not give advice on its use.


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PRO-100 Printing out of various sources
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