What do you think of the Nikon V3 ?

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Re: What do you think of the Nikon V3 ?


first of all, I appreciate your effort. Although it's not exactly what I'd have in mind, for sure is much better than anything > I < could make to design any camera.

Second, just in case you have a Nikoncafe account we're discussing about possible V3 features here


To me a V3 should be an AW1 + V2 + focus assistant for manually focused lenses (think of K3 viewfinders in reflex) or dedicated screens or focus peaking or whatever you like.

I think what's still missing are lenses with fast and fixed aperture. I know they want compact lenses, but hey, 3.5-5.6 isn't that fun ! If you can't do f/2.8 zooms make at least f/3.5 or f/4 fixed lenses.

a 7-14 f/4

a 9-36 f/2.8

a 9-90 f/4

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